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Except otherwise noted, content on this site is under a Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial - Sharing in the Same Conditions 4.0 International license and except for images published in blog posts which remain the property of their respective authors and remain under their original legal notice.

You can freely copy, distribute and transmit my images for non-commercial purposes as long as you credit me and distribute them according to the same terms of license. You can also remix them, tweak them and build upon for non-commercial purposes as long as you give me credit for the initial artwork and the new creation is distributed according to the same terms of license.

Why CC BY-NC-SA license ?

Because I want to remain free to sell my own works [NC clause] and wish to maintain sharing [SA clause] without restrictions beeing applied upstream.

In the case of a derivative work you can request an agreement at selling your new artwork by sending me an or via the Contact Form [agrement based on the alterations made and the reinterpretation of the initial work].



Established in 1996, Infomaniak Network SA is a Swiss company based in Geneva where all the company employees work and where both its Datacenters are located. The company is specialized in the hosting of Internet websites, mail managing and audio and video contents live broadcasting. Infomaniak Network SA promotes a relaxed corporate culture and works on raising its employees and customers’ awareness of sustainable development and our lifestyle’s impact on the environment for future generations.

Infomaniak Network SA
26 Avenue de la Praille 1227 Carouge / Geneva - SWITZERLAND
+41 22 820 35 44

responsive design


Use of XML technology for data management with HTML5 and CSS3 for a responsive design. Responsive Web Design is all about having the same content visible in all devices, from tiny mobiles to huge monitors, preserving proper readability and adapting to the medium.



The website enDKLé uses CrawlProtect, a powerfull script dedicated to the protection of websites. CrawlProtect acts at two levels, firstly by analyzing incoming requests on the website by blocking immediately those that are recognized as hacking attempts, then on access authorizations of files and folders at the most appropriate level. With this reinforced protection you can safely navigate on the website.

To fight against spam enDKLé also uses the Akismet service coupled to the Honeypot Project.

Limitation on liability

The site contains links to third party websites whose content is of the liability of respective owners / providers. The website usage is to sole and entire responsibility of the user. I could not be held liable for direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of it.