self-portrait with camera

Hi, I'm Döm, of my real name Dominique Crombez. I was born in the south of Paris - France, and celebrate my 16th birthday in Noumea - New Caledonia. I had dreamed of faraway places and adventures ? I found myself propelled to the other side of the world... It was the era of pencils and brushes, paper, scissors and glue and for years these tools have accompanied me on a somewhat nomadic and atypical path... to digital.

I am a creator of images.

pop Influences

Approach of Plastic Arts in childhood and influence of some artistic movements in my mid teens. Among other discovery of Dada movement, anti-conventional, suggesting creative freedom by the misuse of images and objects. Coup d'coeur ! Creation of my first collages ...

Growing passion for image with Surrealism touching the hidden and the unconscious. Essence of things with Cubism. Desacralisation and integration of art in daily life thanks to Pop Art and feeling of extreme freedom with the explosion of Street Art.

The digital era brings today new technologies constantly innovating, powerful tools, unlimited funds and infinite possibilities. To follow...

Artist statement

My artistic approach takes its roots in the imagination. The act aims above all to translate a fleeting glimpse, a truth perceived by my heart, an intense emotion.

Each creation arises from a "freeze frame", suspended time when the glance carried beyond the mirror reflects back to me an intention and perceptions of my next project. And so the creation begins and gradually transforms. From creator I become observer of my own work, surprised by each mutation.

My works are distinguished by an aesthetic and a keen attention to detail, a rigorous composition. They appeal to the senses and emotion, heart and consciousness.




Döm is an artist living in the South Pacific. Her ability to see the potential for a strong picture is amazing. She has a graphic view of life. Through her art the artist shows the tangible link between all things and all beings. Over images and collages, she transforms the breath of life into a wonderful adventure that defies the imagination. Her work is an invitation to meditate on symbols, in order to discover the sense of a living reality. She is herself a soul revealer.

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  • If she was a painter, she would be Salvador Dali
  • If she was a graphic artist, she would be M.C. Escher
  • If she was an anthropologist, she would be Carlos Castaneda
  • If she was an actress, she would be Louise Brooks
  • If she was a fictional world, she would be The Never Neverland
  • If she was a novel, she would be “The Glass Bead Game” by Hermann Hesse
  • If she was a tarot card, she would be The Juggler
  • If she was a thinker, she would be Carl G. Jung
  • If she was a quote, she would be “ All is true”
  • If she was an element, she would be The Moon
  • If she was an animal, she would be a Meerkat
  • If she was a legendary creature, she would be a Gargoyle of Notre-Döm
  • If she was an aromatic, she would be Arabian Incense
  • If she was an epoch, she would be New Age
  • ... and what still describes her more is her laugh !

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